Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I became a Great Aunt Callie tonight :)

My Niece Allie just had her baby girl. Her name is Brylie and she is Six Pounds 4 ounces and 18 inches long. I am so happy for Allie and Bryce.


Lisa said...

Congratulations! Being a Great Aunt is quite the honor. I had 2 growing up, they were sisters. Lived together. My grandfather's sisters actually. Whenever we'd run into them around town they'd give hugs, kisses, cheek squeezers and reach right into their pocketbooks for $5. One time they even gave $5 to my school friends I was shopping with.

They gave me a car because I shoveled their sidewalks every snow storm.

Great aunts are the best! You will be wonderful. And I love the name!

Mrs. Montemayor said...

So precious!!! :D They are both so beautiful!

Ya'll make up such an awesome family! That lil baby is so lucky to have you all! :)


Traveling Bells said...

Awww, both are mighty cute. Congrats to all!

Big hugs, honey...