Thursday, January 13, 2011

It be Thursday

Life is good today!!! Listening to Pandora and Music called Train... nice getcha up, getcha going music.... Get your groove thing on!!   Train~Counting Crows~Five for Fighting!!! We only got a hundred years to live :)

I am going back East to Illinois... What an armpit of the country... LOL... gonna see Family!... Double What... The loons are starting to really skip a beat sooooo need to see them for the final days... Gramps oxygen is down to 62 and he won't wear his air... So be it!

Can't wait to go back and make them Laugh. My Grandpa always tells me, There is no one that can make him laugh like Callie.... I am always happy he says... Good thing he doesn't see me everyday :) LOL

My Nephews Birthday is today.. He is 15.. Wow Dude Slow Down... Happy Birthday RENO

Well, that is it for the Moment... Go out and make it a Rockin Day!!!


Traveling Bells said...

I'm thinking a beading day here. Keep'em laughing! Sending hugs...

JustMeShann said...

Happy Day Cal :) Glad your Rocking Girl!!! You make me smile too :) Have a great trip and hug that gramps of yours for me!!! He holds a special place in my heart <3 Can't believe Reno is 15!!! I really like that kid!

Keep having a great day and I am going to try to make it wear off on ME!!! Love ya

Lisa said...

Safe travels. Enjoy your days with Grampa, make more memories and make him smile.

Amazing Gracie said...

Keep him smiling - you won't regret it... Just don't go getting snowed in on the runway!