Friday, January 20, 2012

A Dying Fact

So when my Grandpa was bed ridden last year we had gotten some new t-shirts and cut them up the back so it was easy on him to put fresh clothes on him everyday. Well, I just found out that my mom and aunt were putting these same old shirts on my Grandmother in her dying bed. Well, I don't know but I got pissed off.
I think if and old woman of 89 years old is bed ridden she should at least have some flowered t-shirts. Not her husbands old blue, red, orange, green and brown dying shirts. So I texted my Mom, My Aunt and My Brother and chewed them all out. This picture above is the result. My granny will now be laying in her dying bed in a fashionable way... Flowers and Purple. I love it. Thank you so much family for listening to me.

Let it be known if I end up in a dying bed... I want flowers and purple also and some make up and someone combs my hair and washes me everyday and puts some makeup on my face and brushes my teeth and if I have some crazy hairs on my face. I want the crazy things pulled and any black heads Squeeze away!!! Sorry to be so direct but wouldn't you want the same?


JustMeShann said...

Thank you family from JustMe too <3

Let it be known my dearest friend that I will make sure that your wishes are met! Because I LoVe YoU!

And with that said I want the same from you, but instead of purple and flowers I want my motorcycle jerseys and soft Gap shirts. When I die I want my converse on and all 36 other pair put in with me too! I want my coffin to smell like my bedroom when I was a kid!!! LoL

I love you with all my heart!!!

Cal, you can count on Me!!!
Love ya, Shann

Callie Ann said...

AW Shann I love you so much. Thank you girl Friend I will do the same for certain. :)

Jean said...

awwww... Glad you pitched a fit and it resulted in pretty flowered shirts for grandma.

Amazing Gracie said...

Corinne will understand this. I'm glad your family understood.

Marianne said...

Ya know Callie, if we were closer I'd be there doing just that for you!! Trust me, my Mom is back in her room, she can still sit up and stand and she has 2 or 3 dresser drawers full of pretty PJ's and gowns. I make sure her hair is brushed and body washed everyday. At least once a week we get her in the shower, that is a major ordeal but she really enjoys it so as the saying goes in this house if it makes Mom happy then that's the way it is! Take care my friend, I'm with you in spirit since I can't be there in body!!
Love ya, Marianne

Traveling Bells said...

Aww, that was such a sweet, prideful thing to do. We gals want pretty, not plain and ugly. My girls already know that they will make sure I don't look shabby when I can't do it for myself.

Big hugs, honey...

Linda said...

Good for you for putting your foot down and demanding prettier shirts for your Grandma! I'm glad to see that your family listened to you and got the pretty purple shirt for her instead. You, my dear, are a force to be reckoned with!