Monday, January 09, 2012


So here we go starting this new year. Have lost 3 people so far in just a week. A friends mother, another friends mother and Putter's Grandpa... hope it stops at 3. That would be enough for me.

Brighton is doing well. We are learning our ABC, 123.. to scribble inside the lines and most of all how to me calm and not want to eat every 15 minutes... She was eating like an old coal train when she first got her.. Anxiety I will call it. Now she is nice and calm. She eats normal... Yeah!!!!

She doesn't like Vegetables except corn and in my book corn ain't a vegetable. So I have been making smoothies for her sneaking the veggies can drink anything with a straw and a pretty spritz of whipping cream on the top... I love my Vita-Mix machine... well that's the news from the Pacific Northwest for today... Have a good one!


Traveling Bells said...

Life is all about changes, and you have experienced quite a few. Sorry for all the loss, but I smile at Brighton's achievements. You are doing a great job, gf! Keep smiling...

Linda said...

Sounds like Miss Brighton is settling in nicely but she might be a bit put out to know that her Grammy is sneaking veggies into her smoothies!