Monday, February 06, 2012

Grandma and Grandpa's Final Resting Place

Here we are the night before at a place in Folsom called Chicago Fire... It was Okay.. Jake grabbed my camera and took a few pics.  Above is Pinky my son... with a screwball face on. Next to him is Aunt Jayne
 Then it is me. My hair is short from being sick and it started falling out...but now it is growing back :)

 The gang of yea hoo's they raisied... from left to right, Tashia, Pinky, Callie, Kim, Jayne, Jake, Pat, Richey, Denny... Joanne was in Illinois taking care of lewis her husband he ain't doing well. Allie and Reno, Jakes kids and Briley his Grand daughter stayed home. Kim's Daughters Kalea and Lola were in Alabama their other grandma. Juhn Kim's other half was about and around here somewhere, Tashia's husband was somewhere around here. My husband was at work in Lebanon, Oregon. My Daughter was at work in Portland. Pat husband Bob was at work in las Vegas...oh yeah my Grandkids Brighton and Jack were with there Dad's. If I forgot someone I am sorry I have a 3 year old underfoot of me right now. 
 Kim, Pat, Jayne
 Wes, Jake, Pinky
 Jake and I making a feeble attempt to keep it together while talking about our grandparents. Jake lost it and I had taken a sedative so I wouldn't get all crying and such...I walked more like the funeral Drunk... GREAT :( but i didn't want to break down and cry...instead I was wobbly...
 Granny's final bed
 the on looking of the burial plot
the worst part, when they lower them in the ground more later


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

so sorry honey, it's not easy.

big hugs, bee

Jean said...

No, it's difficult to see them go. I'd know that having family with you to help say goodbye made it a bit easier, if it could ever be easier...Hugs... .

Jean said...

PS -- short hair looks good on you!
Love you!

Traveling Bells said...

Jean, that was my reaction...short hair looks GREAT on you! Srsly. I know your heart is hurting, but life will get better for you.

Sending hugs...