Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday's Weather

Windy Wendesday... that is the forecast here in  Highland, Illinois. My cousin is coming up tomorrow so we can celebrate Brighton's 4th birthday it isn't in real life until March 3rd. But, who cares, cake will be there. So far she is having fun on this trip. Really enjoying her Great Grandparents, Great Aunt, Cousins and whomever else stops by. It was a large event tonight Bonnie, Jake's Lady stopped by and painted B's toes and fingers for her. A happy four year old.  Aunt Jayne is sick with the flu, my mom is pulling in second. I really hope the rest of us don't get this thing. 

It's is hard sleeping in this hear everything but nothing at the sametime....I need white noise.... not, dead silence that is so loud one could scream or so many creeks in this house making noise and such I don't know how to explain just is. 

Life has been weird lately adjusting to the Grandparents being gone. My mom and aunt are pretty sad about it. Not sure how to cheer them up. I mean seriously. I have no idea what to do for them. 


Jean said...

Sometimes there's nothing you can do except just be with them.

Take in some Illinois sunshine. Go pee in a cornfield for me. Oh wait... on second thought, don't. There isn't corn yet...LOL!

Enjoy the time with B and watching her soak up family love. That's what it's all about. Hugs!

Traveling Bells said...

Jean is right...just being there is a gift to them, especially with that sweetie pie:) Enjoy it all.

Big hugs, honey...

Linda said...

What the two folks above me said!

That and I can't sleep without some form of white noise myself hence the reason I downloaded an App for that on my iPhone and I have a noise machine here at home that I have set to a thunderstorm. I just can't sleep when it's quiet at all!