Monday, February 11, 2013

Update and KK

Wow, so long since I have blogged. Let's see Aunt Jayne is gone now she went to Montana to be with her friend whom is passing from Cancer and then she is on to be with my mom in Illinois to help with my dad Lew.
I visited in October, I hope to go back in May.
I got a new kitty kat her name is KK she would be great for a got milk commercial she has a milk mustache. I got to put a pick on her of her. Ozzie is doing great. He is 4 now a little puff ball of fun.

Putter is working, I am working, Justin is working..

Jessica is mothering Brighton and Jack every other weekend.

That's it for today.


Jean(ie) said...

She does have a wee moustache! Too cute. A new furrie to love on!

Lisa said...

She has spectacular eyes!

Traveling Bells said...

Hey, stranger! You've got yourself a mighty cute little gal. What a doll!

Big hugs, honey...

Anonymous said...

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