Saturday, August 27, 2005


Just wanted everyone to see who I hang with on my scrappin' times. This is our group

left to right
1. Karla, she works with Haley and Mary and is the newest to our group.
2. Sharon, Putter's mom and the first two rubber stamp out of all of us.
3. Mary, Haley's daughter and Mother of 4, 2 twins and another boy and another girl. Whew!
4. Haley, Mother of Mary and Robin and a few others
5. Jo Anne, My Mom (callie's mom) Jake's mom
6. Callie, Chief trouble maker-mother of other trouble makers.
7. IN FRONT Teresa, Friend to all and my adopted sis! She really is not that short she was kneeling down so people could see other faces. Thank you Teresa!!!!
8. Robin, not pictured (lives in Bozeman Montana mother of 1 and daughter of Haley)

This is who I spend about 4 hours a month with being creative.

I would like to thank the two people who have commented on the blog. My dear freind Shannon from Sacramento CA and My cousin from Las Vegas Kimmie.

My brother did comment that it was interesting that he found out about his niece getting married on a damn blog on the internet. LMAO Isn't that just terrible. Guess we need to talk more that just every couple of weeks.

take care all.... may or maynot post more tonight. Watching the news about Hurrican Katrina.


JustMeShann said...

This is just the neatest... How lucky you are to have so many to share your scrapping with... I have been out in our little place out back scrapping my heart out tonight, the only place I can have total piece and quiet... I need to find a group to scrap with, it's not as easy to be creative by myself; no one to bounce off... I do have to say I love it though...
Thanks for adding the bit about Jake and the blog; it gave me a good laugh that I much needed... :o) Nice to hear Jess is finally happy and really in love, everyone deserves to be in love... Well, have a Great Rest of the Weekend... Shann

Karla Adams said...

The picture turned out pretty good. My Alex wasn't even impressed that my picture was on the internet. I enjoy reading your blog but haven't had time until now to comment. I enjoy being in the group and thank you all for letting me in. My craft room is almost finished so I can start working on my projects. Bye for now. Karla