Monday, August 29, 2005

Okay tag you guys

well I haven't heard a thing from Teresa on the 5 Random things. So now I am challenging you all to type 5 random things about yourself and email them to me. I would really appreciate it.
This include's you to brother.

Thanks Callie

A quick pic of my brother Jake and my mom

P.S. you can always comment you just click the comment button below and write away.


JustMeShann said...

Great Picture :o)

Karla Adams said...

I'm waiting for clothes to dry so I'm up late. Here are 5 random things about me.
1. I'm happy that my children all live in Oregon again.
2. I miss sewing but my room will be finished soon and then I can get some projects going again.
3. I love to take pictures and hope to be able to digital scrapbook soon.
4. I wish my whole life was better organized, so that I would have the time to do more fun things.
5. I miss my sister Cheryl and wish I could see her more often.

jake said...

nice picture

jake said...

1. i love my kids but dont get to see them enough
2. jeeping and the out doors is my favorite thing
3. my mom is the sweetest person that i know
4. i finaly got a motorcycle license today
5. my sister can alays make me laugh

JustMeShann said...

Five Things About JustMe
1. Quite.... The older I get the more I seek Quiet... It's in many forms, be it alone and scrapping, to the house being quiete, to gardening in the yard, to picture taking in the hills, to walking a beach in Fort Bragg...
2. I love Going FAST... Can't seem to grow out of that one... 120mph is good and getting there is better... My license plate reads "Click Your Heals and Punch It" My quad does right around 59 and that feels good; but at the same time squirlley... But I love it...
3. I like to write, feel it is apart of me most don't know... My kids will probably think its cool someday when I am gone... They will get to see all the dumb things they did that I thought was cute or fun, see my temper in writing and see that I do love them and life too...
4. As crazy as it sounds for the most part I like work... Wish I could not have to work, but like what I do... All 200 + people I deal with on a daily basis I look forward to seeing... I live in the Eye of the Storm in dispatch, but it is never boring... Funny thing is that by multi tasking I have turned into a organized freak and thank God it carries over to my house... Who would have ever thought... But doing what I do is probably why I seek #1... :o)
5. Last but not least is my most love of Me... I love my family... I have great kids, my husband is wonderful and I have raised him right, he has worn on me and we make a pretty good team now... He lets me go fast, likes to ride behind me to see how high I jump and laughs at the fact that I can take his 660 off the line with my 400... :o) Gotta love it... Family is awesome the older I get, I see that life is to short not tell everyone how much you love them on a regular basis... That any day your life can be rearanged in a diffrent order... I have learned that family and good friends are frosting on the cupcake of life... So, I try to remind myself to stop and smell the roses, and enjoy the frosting... Time flies after 40...
So these are my FIVE about JustMe :o)