Sunday, August 21, 2005

Well girls Jessica came down from Vancouver today. She is getting married now. His name is Joe Hazelton. they had went to scholl since first grade. I found out that in the first grade they used to practice getting married during recess. So funny and he has a job and he is not a freak like her other boyfriends. He has Red hair. So funny again. She seems very happy. It will be nice for her to settle down. Today I don't have to work at Uhaul I am so glad to have a day off. although I feel like I need one day just to veg out and another day to catch up on things. Maybe life will start getting a little calmer now. talk to you all later. If you want to leave a comment just click the comment button below and you can. Participate girl friends. AI will be posting some interesting scrapbooking stuff real soon. I am compiling it now.

Thanks Callie


kimmmyk said...

Hey this is the first time I heard anything about Jessica, tell me what's up with her. She is doing good now? You were talking about my little cousin Jessica right?? How are you doing with your heart what has the specialist said?? Did you get my card??

Anonymous said...

So I have to hear that my own daughter is getting married from her mothers blogging sight... Dad

the X said...

when is the big day? am I invited?