Tuesday, August 23, 2005


It's another Tuesday. I am at the computer this a.m. with my cup of coffee with vanilla flavoring 0 carbs of course. Love a morning cup. I enjoy it when I get up early and get to savor the sip. Ahhh..... Of course I do enjoy getting a cup of the Dutch Bro's but got to watch the money. I even took a picture this morning of my favorite cup I have to figure out how to upload pics to this site and then you can see it also.

Three days ago I started a new book 30 days in my life. Everyday I take a picture of something I enjoy in my life. I will then post the picture and wrtie about why that item is important to me. Just something new to consider.

Sharon's new computer will be up and running after thrusday that is when she gets her cable hooked up. I will let you all know her address when she gets it.

Take Care,


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