Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Days gone by

Well so many days have gone by without me really posting anything. So much has happened.

1. Jessica is now getting married on Nov 12th at a very cute little chapel down on hill street. Oh what fun it will be. Joseph insist on getting married in a kilt. He has a bit of the Irish in him. He also wants a bag pipe there playing along. (Jessica was horrified, but I convinced her we could go along with a reinassance type feel.) That helped to Quite her down. She is calmer about the whole thing now.

2. Jessie went to the doctor's on Monday and she was offically five weeks pregnant. Funny to say but we know the conceiving date. shhh........

3. I totally haven't wanted to work the last few days. My head is off in the clouds somewhere. It's so hard to focus. I just want to be home to create. But when I get there I am overwhelmed and I just goof around.

4. I go to a scrap booking meeting tomorrow, like normal I am totally unprepared. GADS.....

5.I can't keep up with myself............ I will write more later. Hopefully in the morning when my creative juices are flowing with a cup of the java. Oh I miss my friend Shannon.


Anonymous said...

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JustMeShann said...

Oh I Miss You too! So much, guess life is changing so much, so fast that I need my good friend and her wonderful laugh and honesty... I sure could go for just one day in Placerville with the kids at Mc Donalds watching Justin eat french fries; oh we laughed :o) Memories are what keep you going as you age I have found out, at least I am blessed with so many... We sure had fun as kids... I Love Ya... Shann
One more for the night... "Goober and the Ghost Chasers" LoL :o)