Friday, September 16, 2005

What do you think about these for weddin favors

Well, It's amazing how much help you can get off the internet when looking for wedding things. I figure we would use these for wedding favors and instead of throwing rice we will wave these ribbons at them when they drive off. That way no mess and an awesome looking picture of them all waving. I think they are going to be blue and say that ........happily ever after......

I am watching Good Morning America this morning and there is a new artist on... his name is Josh kelly pretty good tunes. Also Ol' Emril is on with some comfort foods yummmmm.................. I will have to go to the website and download the recipes.
I so don't want to go to work today. I would rather stay home and be creative. Yeah Right. I have several assingments due. I am behind on my card making. Yikes. I have several pages I need to do. It is suspose to be a slow weekend on the UHAUL side of things this weekend. Guess I could bring some things there to work on.

Putter is going racing this weekend with his dad, brother and helper friend Chris. There season is winding down and then it is Bench racing and rebuilding cars.

Putter, Virgil is Dad, Craig his brother, Chris the helper friend.
What a crew

I had a good time the other night gettin' together with all the gals from my scrap club. We did a 6x6 page about school days. Karla was the host. The Cards Everyone made where awesome. REALLY COOL

It's suspose to rain up here in the northwest today but back to sun for saturday and sunday.

Jessica is coming down this weekend and we are going to work on wedding things. Fun Fun Fun.

If anyone has any ideas throw it this way would ya.

Well, I will write more later. I better


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haley said...

Callie. I like the idea of the ribbons to wave.

JustMeShann said...

I Love the idea of the ribbons :o) What a wonderful idea... You have my vote... Have a Great Fun Wedding Idea Weekend...