Monday, September 26, 2005

Fall is Officallly Here

So what does Fall do for you? I realize I have talked about this before, so I am doing it again anyway. This topic makes a wonderful scrapbook page.

It's harder to get up in the morning, the mornings have really been chilly here in Oregon. It's 39 degrees right now and the dang weather just said it will be 85 degrees this afternoon. Can you say DRESS IN LAYERS?
I totally want to stay in bed with BIG Warm covers.
The Girls (my dogs) don't want to go out and go potty. It's a struggle to send them out in the morning.
I want to have stew and chilli and feel good foods.
The days are really getting shorter. So the night's are longer. I miss Putter being home in the evening. I really need to get in my scrapbook room and start creating. Enough of this screwing around stuff.
The lawn needs mowing less. I am thinking about bringing things in from the back yard.
It means Halloween and Christmas are almost here. NO I am not ready for those things, seems like we just had them.
Now I have to look for a sweater or coat on my way out the door in the morning.
If you feel like it just for fun. email me or comment below on what your signs of fall are.
Have a Great Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jake said...

out here in the mid west obviously it is the trees turning colors but before that it is all the talk of deer hunting, lots of big game hunters around here. and then thoughs of four wheeling we run from laborday to memorial dayit is good fun.

Karla said...

My sign of fall is when the mums beginning blooming in my front yard. They are always so pretty. Then I put up my fall decorations and I bet the neighbors think that is the sign of fall. The colors of fall are really great. I bought some fall fabric Saturday and sewed a table cloth for our Thanksgiving dinner, I know it's early but the fabric was so pretty I couldn't resist. I love the colder weather and layering clothes, and Alex being in school and I have days alone to do my crafting.