Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Save My Ass!

Oh gads found this on anothers gals site.
Check this site out.

My goodness!!!!!!

MY fall TV Schedule

Extreme Makeover (Reality)
Desperate Housewives
Gray's Anatomy
Survivor (reality)
Amazing Race (reality)
Fox News (semi-reality)
Weather Channel

Has anyone been reading any books they like lately, like one of the ones you can't put down?

Well that is it for now. Jake is it time to go pour another 2,000 pd sack?

1 comment:

JustMeShann said...

And why the Hell didnt I think of that!!! What a way to make $$$ I'll be a poor sap that has to work the rest of her life because I have NO more creative brain cells... Someone needs to save my ass!!! and what a name!!!

And what the heck is a 2,000 pd sack??? Cement??? Concrete???