Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What a Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well First things First.

  • I find out My cousin's, Aunt and Uncle are evacuating Houston. Worry Worrying more about them.
  • Then I go to work and a uhaul customer calls me up to try and argue with me. I said no mam' you had the truck longer than 1 day you had it 3 days. She immediately responds that I shouldn't take that snappy attitude with her. Oh My I swear to the upabove's I had not even had a chance to get my attitude on. So to settle it quickly I politely hung the phone up. She may have went on yelling at me for a while before she discovered I wasn't there. My that started me off as a Nervous Nellie. Why I don't know, guess I just didn't want to have a confrontation with another Freakin' nutt.
  • Then one of the truck driver's for the other company I work for, Whom lives on site. Rolled his Subaru.... The Rim broke in Half and the car is only 2 years old. He saw it coming and thru himself down in the front seats and that saved his life. The car is a total lose. He has a few cut's and bruises that is about it.
  • Then another guy who lives on site, his dad was driving thru Albany in his big ford diesel extra cab and a lady in a new cadiallac ran the red light and T-boned him right in the side made his truck lift up and threw it on it's top and he slid along way down the road on his top.
  • Then 3 of my Boss's Big Rig trucks broke down. 1. radiator busted and fan went into a million pieces. 2. another truck radiator totally broke. 3. another truck the fuel filter was all plugged and is having radiator problems.
  • And if all that were not enough, I come home to seeing a jet plane with it's front wheel gear turned sideways. These guys are going to have to crash land. Of course all the news organization's are zero'd in on this plane. The pilot was awesome that guy made a perfect landing and everyone lived. It was wonderful.
  • I am a nervous wreck I can't remember the last time a day went like this. I am so glad everyone lived. Thank God.

So here's hoping your day went better.

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