Monday, October 31, 2005

it's Here

Well it is offically here. So many friends I have this is their favorite Holiday. I think because of all the cute things they have for decorations now. The craziness of it all. It's not raining for the moment, but the wind is blowing around at a nice 56 degrees. It's nice to listen to the wind this morning. Because it wasn't raining this morn' The girls Nicky and Peanut had no trouble ging out and exploring the back yard.

Today I have a little bit of the want to stay home syndrome. Would love to just hang out here all day. But.... it's not to be. So I will now tear myself away from this computer and drag my sorry self to work. Coffee needs to kick in.

Well, on another note with this here halloween card to the left you may all consider yourself carded by Callie for a nice holiday. In other words, ran out of time to get this greeting to you in the mail.

Have a nice holiday and week.......

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