Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tiny Tuesday

The Halloween hoop-la is now over.... Now it's the holidays in full swing. The local shops are all having their holiday bang off open houses this week, several in the evening. So many cute things out there to snatch up and bring home as little treasures meant to delight us thru the christmas season. So many wonderful ideas hatching in my head of gift's to make. Problem is how many will I actually get done. There are many times I so wish I was a disciplined person and had a perfectly clean, decorated, smell good house. But,,,,, then I wouldn't be me, now would I.
This morning the girls got a special treat on their dog food. Yogurt their cousin Jet gets yogurt and he loves it. While I was dishing it out for them, they were so excited prancing around the could hardly control theirselves. It was so cute. Crazy Dogs AnyWho...
I am already sick of the rain. Why I don't know I guess it's a pain in the butt already. Yesterday I had a headache that wouldn't leave me alone, it pestered me all day and into the night. Mom offered me some excedrin but I didn't want to get the jitter's so I muddled thru. Last night when I got home I wanted to laydown and sleep. The house was dark so to avoid trickor treater's. But, they still came and Nicky, Peanut and Dory all roared when some little sweet child rang the door bell. OH the kids would turn and run off. " Scary Dog Barking House".
Anyway I left the dogs in the kitchen and proceded to take a nap with dorr shut and pillow over my head to filter the sounds. Then in the middle of this finally drifting off to somewhere other than the headache. I hear the front door fly open a person yell's TRICK OR TREAT. I then hear a bunch of girl voices and dog's barking ugh ugh ugh I thought. Then the front door slammed shut and I thought the roof was going to fly off the house from the pressure. anyway it was that damn kid of mine JUSTIN. I called him on the phone. Happy Halloween Mom!!!!! I was just at your house where were you?" callie: I was Sleeping. Justin: "Oh well Mom I am all dressed up I have a pair of pant's on 34 by 30 length. I am a hippy!." callie: I think to myself, " famous standby costume rank's up there with the hobo costume.". And that conversation dwindled on with the usual drown's and a good-bye talk with you later thing.
Then there was Jessica Dressed up in some sort of get-up. Looked like a cross between little red riding hood and nurse maid renissance type thing, something like a pregnant winch. Crazy. She went to my mom's and handed out candy. then she drove around going to friends houses seeing their little kids. She had fun.
Today is tuesday and I have rambled on long enough. My carpal tunnel is kicking in and my hands are burning and tingling and all the stuff that goes along with it. So I am done for now but who knows I may be back sooner than later. ......

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