Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Another Freakin' Night

Another Night with NO Sleep. Can't seem to sleep this is getting so Old. I have made sure not to eat to late, not to have any caffeine past around 3:00 pm. I don't know what it is. But it is driving me crazy. I can't stand this schedule. First off Putter went to days. Does that have anything to do with it probably not. Then I got one of those squishy things for our bed. At least with that for some reason I don't wake up with Severe Pain from my Carpal Tunnel problems. Then Putter left to Florida tonight he will be back Sunday night.

This is Justin and Me. He looks like he is turning Amish or something with that beard thingy and his Water Buffalo hat just like Uncle Jake. And Me OMG I have aged so badly lately. Look like crap. By the way Justin Shirt Says
"I am out of my mind, please leave a message".
He has been wearing a lot of saying shirts lately he claims he gets them at Target for $3.00 each. Who Knew!
I guess that is enough complaining I will now resume my worrying schedule. Why do I worry so much...... I have no IDEA....... It really is pointless...... Over and Out----- clear------


JustMeShann said...

I to have this problem, but not as much as you do... Maybe it is age or something... I like the picture of you two, damn Justin got tall... I like your shirt too... Well, High Ho.High Ho.Off to Work I Go...

that girl said...

I need a shirt like his to wear during & after finals week!