Thursday, November 24, 2005

It's Offically Turkey Day


Me and My Critters Nicky in Front Peanut in Back

Kitchens all over the U.S. are filling up with the smells of Mom's, Granny's, Daughters, and even some guys making the turkey and all the fixin's. Families are getting together to see eachother and eat eat eat. Jessica is making Potatoes Today and she made cranberry sauce last night. That kid loves to cook Yeah!!!. WEll Jessica has been giving me a bad time since I haven't put her dog Dory on this site so here goes a picture of Dory Doo. So this is Dory just after a Bath. Jessica's little baby puppy. She is a sweet little thing. Of course now I will need to add a Picture of my Mom's Dog (Jet) oh what the heck here comes my dogs. The Dogs in my life. Crazy Baby.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Thank you for putting in the pic. of Dory Doo! She loves her granny!
I love you too! Happy Turkey Day!
Jessica Anne