Wednesday, November 23, 2005

LIfe is Good, Be thankful

This is My Niece Allie. Cute as a button ain't she
Well My Bro and his family came West for Thanks
Givng/Christmas/holiday dinnner on Nov 12.
It was a good time to see hime but way to short.
Way to short. They flew in Friday all their arms
where tired. Ate and then Flew home on Sunday
See way to short.

This is Kyle, Cindy's kid. I call him Eugene.
Because he helped me at U-haul he answered
phones and he would say
"thank you for calling uhaul this is Eugene"
So Funny

This is my Bro Jake and his Girly Friend Cindy

And of Course Everyone's Favorite
Nephew Reno with his idea of what
everyone should eat for ThanksGiving
Dinner. He is so cool Just like the time
My Brother had to pack his lunch for
school and thru a piece of lettuce and
three rasins in a brown bag and called
it good. to funny. So anyway Reno was
really enjoying his meal and then the
damn adults caught on and called him out.
and made him eat more. Damn cameras
had the proof of what he ate. Damn

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JustMeShann said...

Oh My Gosh! Jake your kids are all grown up! Allie is Beautiful and Reno looks just like you, they are Great! You should be proud... Glad to see you look so Happy too... I still can't believe how fast kids grow up... Were the hell does time go?? Reno is the same age as we were when we ran around in Pollick together and drove our mothers crazy with wet kids in the snow... Thanks for sharing Callie, what fun... :o)