Sunday, December 11, 2005

Big Challenge of the Evening

I Ask what should I do.

  • Survivor or Grey's Anatomy.... I don't have no tevo machine. what to do? Answer= I guess I could run back and forth between rooms.

My the delima's in life seem to keep adding up.

In case anyone is wondering who Brittney is it's one of Jessica's Childhood friends that is having another baby. This will be her 3rd Boy. My oh My. Jessica and I aare watching the Travel Channel they are doing a documentary on this African tribes that have there wild belief's and such. Very interesting.

I am so behind in every thing. Pick something I'm behind in it. It is now 29 degrees outside. I guess I am pretty good at report the temperature there is one thing I am not behind in. I realize I am just blaburring along. But heck why would I actually go do something benefical to myself when there is this whole internet to explore and read about everyone else. Technology is a awesome thing. I guess I'll finish more at a later time. Addios.

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