Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's almost here.

Wow It is almost here and I am so behind as usual. Still haven't even got my christmas cards made. I can't sleep tonight so I am blogging and listening to christmas music on my computer. As christmas gets near, I always dread it because I haven't got anything I planned done. But then as it sneaks closer I get more and more excited. Like a little kid and it's the longing for the feeling I use to have when I was little and Mom used to make all the wonderful cookies and candies. Yummy. She would make thumb print cookies, Lemon cookies, some little cookie that rolled around in powdered sugar, fudge and many other cookies I can't seem to remember at this moment. She would make up packages of goodies to give away to friends and family. The house would smell wonderful with mom putting the turkey in the oven and her home-made dressing. She always seemed to wear a neat sweater for christmas and she would have her apron on. It was awesome. Alot of christmas mornings Dad would make Cinnamon Rolls the really cool gooey ones. Remember those Jake.
I truly miss the old christmas in Pollock Pines when the kids were little. I remember Justin, Jessica and Natasha getting so excited to open things. I remember when my brother Doug first Married his wife tatianna and he got to be Santy Claus to Natasha, he loved it. He lives in Sacramento california and he decorates the outside of his house with tons of christmas stuff. He usually gets a write up in the local paper. How cool is that? Present time was always fun. Presents under the tree and then.....oh then..... tons of wrapping paper everywhere and boxes everywhere. You would get so loaded with stuff in front of you that you could hardly get up off the floor. It was crazy. Oh Christmas time, Memories...... and more memories to come. Can hardly wait for my grandson to be born. I love the little guy to death allready. I wonder what things he will remember when he get's older. Heck I need to ask my two children what was there favorite time of christmas. What do they remember??? Their old now. 22 and 20. My babies are all grown now. I need to get stocking stuffers. The dogs all have their stockings ready to go. I''ll tell you what they got, but promise not to tell them. They all got tennis balls, a fake stuffed hamburger that squeaks, rawhide bones, little doggy treats. There gonna be so happy!!!!! Well my hands are numb so I better get off this here computer. You all take care now.


Anonymous said...

yea christmas was a great time but i just cannot get motivated for my kids to give them the kind of chrictmas that u describe and i remember having. the D has really dampered things and not having family around is a real bummer thank god for good friends. have a merry christmas sis. love jake

JustMeShann said...

Memories are a Wonderful thing... That's what life is all about, making memories... For Christmas I Wish you Wonderful Dreams of Memories Had and I Wish Very Special Memories to be Made... :o) Love Ya Callie ---{@ Shann

Jessica's Blog said...

When I was little I remember Grannys house at Christmas. Everything about it was perfect and wonderfull! Then I remember after it was just you, me and Nusin we used to open presents at midnight. We had our own fun tradition. We just didn't want to wait for morning. I remember most about christmas how excited and happy you were and how happy and excited it made me feel. I know Jack will be happy and I know how lucky he is to have such a wonderfull Grandma to share all of his Christmas Memories with! I love you!
Jessica Anne