Friday, December 16, 2005

what a day

First off grabbed up all four dogs and took them to the beauty parlor. Dory needed her nails clipped. Then Jet, Nicky and Peanut all stayed for the full Doo. Shampooing, Brushing, Haircuts, Fluffing, Hairs plucked out of Ears, Nails Cut and Ewww Anal glands Squeezed. But there all feeling much better. Dory was glad to be a wash and wear dog. Yippeeee!!!!!!!!

Then off to work Jessica came and was the U-haul gal today. I got to go upstairs and work for The Transport Company. What a mistake. One minute were going out of business and the sky has fallen in the next a truck driver comes in and acted like a typical ass and didn't want to work So the next best thing happen he got canned. Which is a good thing because he is a walking bucket of problems.

Errands had to run errands. House payment etc. The Drive-thru line was 8 cars long so I called my brother(Jake). Had one of our classic good time conversations. It was awesome.

Back to work for more crazy time. Listen to the boss ,Whine and Moan "oh what will I do now".
Gads it's like babysitting a big cry baby. Crap....

I snuck away and went and picked up all the Beauty Queens and one King and had a wonderful time telling them how beautiful they all looked. Then back to work.... More of the same.
Tried to wash a U-haul truck today but,,, the U-haul Wash bay was froze up. Terrible Icicles hanging from trucks everywhere. It was so cold today.... Brrr... I freeze all day I can't get the temperature up in the office. I actually type with gloves on. You know the little .99 cent jobby's

Got out of there around 5ish home bound. Crawled into my king size bed with Jessica and 4 dogs we were all trying to get warm. I think we need a new furnace at home. We have a heat pump from the 70's and I think it's SUCKING....

Putter is home now so all is well. I am thinking of going to bed. So I think I will off to the U-haul tomorrow. All Trucks are rented. Weeeee.

Talk to you all tomorrow. I could of really done a more intense detailed explanation of the events of the day. But this is more than enough rambling for any soul to bear. TA TA

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