Thursday, December 08, 2005

It's Freezing

Cold up here. 30 degree's, clear as a bell, and the wind is blowing. brrrrr....... Can you feel it? Brrrr..... It's tough when you have to go out and clean a frozen u-haul out and the wind is blowing. your hands are frozen, your nose is frozen and your cheeks are bright red.... can you feel it? You have to sweep frozen dirt out of a u-haul and wipe down the inside with a frozen towel and your hands are numb. ohhhh Can you feel it?
Well that's what I did today. What about you?


JustMeShann said...

I dont know if it is better to have frozen hands or a frozen brain...?????????? Blog On!

britt6 said...

Today I ate ice cream and I don't know why. The baby certainly wasn't to happy about it because he kicked the crap right out of me.

Anonymous said...

it was 2 deg in stjacob il this morning with 4" of snow now that is cold. jake