Sunday, December 04, 2005


well 20 minutes to go until I am off to the store. Still waiting on an idiot customer that siad he would be here at ten, but alas it is 11:40 AND where is the dumb F*&K. Hmm don't know. Well today I need to buy dog food. Feeding 4 of them critters gets spendy. After that I need to go on doggy poop patrol. 4 dogs in a back yard got to keep the patrol up. eeekkkyyyy. If they only could flush.

It's foggy up here in the Oregon Country today. Putter will be in this afternoon from Florida, He told me last night he needs to come home to rest.

Idiot customer is here more later. Oops wrong one. well it is now 11:45 gads. What a Jerk I really don't want to wait. The dope knows we close at Noon. Err Oh well I am going to get things ready to close. Have a good day. Until Later. Hmmm..... Should I get my Christmas Tree now. Yes Yes I should Hmmm what size. I so want to put christmas lights up outside the house. Putter has promised for 6 years to put up lights but for some reason it never gets done. boo hoo

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