Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ol' Lady Mash Hair

Starting off the day at 8:45 am. OH Shit!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to open the store in 15 minutes. Soooo up I go run a brush threw my hair, wash my face and other unmentionable parts, brush those teeth out the door I fly...... Was still 5 minutes late.

I hate Okey Bath's ....Well the Ol' lady mash hair is this. When I don't wash my hair for a day, my hair will somehow stay in any position I put it in. Which can look quite hilarious So Jessica was making fun of my hair all day and the positions I was able to put it in..... She said it just looked all mashed and I forgot my makeup at home and I am now 43, good god.... Darn good thing we only had one customer today.

So still looking Dreadful we just went to Target this evening and bought lights for the outside of the house. I am going to set them all in Putter's Chair. Let's take a poll, think he will get the hint..... hmmmm don't know.

Have to get a tree this week. So we can trim the tree up. Weeeeeee. I have to get in the spirit. Haven't had good christmas spirit in Years. Basically since the kids grew up. But.... there is a little one on the way. I can hardly wait.....

Well that is the huge excitement of this here day...
Sweet Dreams to all and to all a good night..............

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JustMeShann said...

Ho Ho Ho and Merry Wednesday!
I am giving Putter the benifit of the doubt being yes, he will get the hint! Ha!

I to can do that with my hair, sorta feels fake if I don't wash it in the morning, has something to do with natural curly hair I think... And yes it is sort of scary!
Chelsea says I am Hagerly Looking with my hair in the morning on weekends, and I just tell her to look in the mirrior Princess, my genes win! Ha!
Merry Christmas Spirit to you Callie!