Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sometimes I wish..............

Sometimes I wish I could be a domestic diva. Have a schedule, bake bread, have all the laundry done and everything is folded perfectly with no wrinkles, a spotless house, make dinner, sew what needs mending, be a wonderful grandma, write my friends and family letters and make cards to send to them. I want to scrapbook my life..... I want these things. But, No I have to work for a idiot.... I wonder to myself is the money really worth it when all these other things in my life suffer. I can't do it all. I wonder what's the answer, what is the right decision, How does one get to the point in their life when they feel they have it all done. I wonder if the answer is NEVER. Wow I don't get it. I am so tired all the time and that's probably due to the fact I never slow down enough to take care of my family. Geez. I wish life hadn't turned into this.... crazy fast can't make a living with only one income. what to do. I'll figure it out someday I supose. All the things I wanted to accomplish today did not get done. why because I chose to do something else I needed to pay attention to. so...... Here it is Sunday night and monday starts tomorrow and so I am off to the same crazy week getting things done but what things were they. Oh well that is my jibberish for this day.

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