Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Oh just hilarious

So If we were going to rate sights I would rate this site on the overall a PG13 on account of a couple of bad words here and there and some crazy pics in the beginning of the life of this blog. But, let me tell you. New York Hack's blog (which has a link to the right), now that baby is rated R and hilarious. OH my her last two entry's had me chuckling. What a life! I myself would be scared to death to live such a life. I personally don't like people enough to put up with what she puts up with. She is hilarious. A customer of her's made mention of calling her the "c" word. Oh boy her come back was to funny. Well, this is the most "c" you'll ever meet or something like that she said. Too Funny!!! So check it out if your brave enough.

So yesterday April 10th Was good old Justin's 21st Birthday. I think now that the young man is 21 he has pretty much givin' up drinkin' at least the hard stuff. A little history. On my mom's side of the family, my grandpa had a couple of brother's that were shall we say just plain crazy. These guys would get all drunk up go into the bars and be included in the lastest brawls. Well, needless to say two of them were shot and killed in bars. back to the Justin part. Evidently when he drinks way to much hard liquor he becomes a giant pissed off maniac that want's to fight and beat up his truck and other oddity's. He said it's gotten scary enough that his friends can't handle him and he himself get's scared so he is now just a beer man. Yep 21st birthday basically his drinken days are over. I myself am quite amazed that he made it to his 21st birthday. With all the crazy wheelin he does and nights he has spent up in the snow. The way his vehicles are maintance free. I often wonder how he gets these rigs to stop. Just to scary for me to take a ride in. Overall this kid is a damn hardworking kid. He has now made employee of the month 2 month's in a row. Congratulations Justin!
So a couple of weeks ago this kid was looking pretty good. well he decided to give himself a haircut with the bic. Well this is the results, looks much better with the coffee filter on the top of his hair. He bic'd his hairline about 2 inches back from where normal is. Lets just say it's hannis looking. A couple weeks ago good lookin, this day plain ugly and stupid. Oh the many haircuts of Justin. I nred to compile the collection that I have one day. I can't wait for his hair to grow out. You maybe asking why the coffee filter and toilet seat cover. Well, we went to roadhouse restaurant and that's how they gussy you up for your birthday. Pretty much a good time was had by all. That's all the bloggin I can do for now my left hand is fallin asleep. Surgery April 21 st. What Fun

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