Thursday, April 06, 2006

Warm is coming on..........

WOW we are suspose to be in the 70's today. Get them shorts out. Talked to the folks in Arizona last night. It's cold there.. Brrr. talk about things being upside down.

Speaking of upside down. Jack is in position for being born. That little dude is coming. Mom is miserable. She can't wait for ejection time. That is one girl that wants her body back. She has nested like you wouldn't believe everything is in place and ready for Jacks homecoming. She has a terrible cold right now. So that is cause for extra misery. Take care and all you that have to go to work have a good one I will be there trudging along with you.

Hope I don't get any weirdo U-haul people coming in today. What stories. I could write my own book all about uhaul people, all kinds, I have never met so many lying people in my life. You ask them did you sweep the back of the truck out? "oh yeah" oh my god then you go look and there is crap everywhere. Want a bunch of lying Ba***ds... They must have been bad children and told lie's to their mothers. Go Figure. It should be a character test. If you can rent a U-haul and be responsible and return it with gas and cleaned out, then you my friend must be of good character. If you rent a U-haul and lie about your experience and not be responsible then, you should throw yourself in a damn hole and pull the top in after you. Cause that is just plain pathetic. That's the end of that rambling. Ya'll have a good time.

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JustMeShann said...

So what did you find out about Make Big tonight??? Did you get in??? Just wondering?