Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunday Ramblings

Ol' Jessica and Justin
Brother and Sister
Growing up, being much nicer
to eachother. Wow Amazing

Well it is cool out this morning, cloudy and such.
They Imploded the old Nuclear Trojan Plant in Northern Oregon up today. Saw it on the TV took about 8 seconds to bring it all down. They did a good job.

Having morning coffee this morning. Need to go put my Slipper's on. Brrr...
Got to Baby Sit Jack last night. He was a little Colicy last night so I was on the move with him. He finally settled down around 1AM. Just in time for mommy to come home and see him with a pleasant look on his sweet little face. Guys I am not kidding. 3 weeks into life this kid is AWESOME (Granny Talking here).

Justin bought a house and a 20ft X 40ft Shop. It's an old house 1879 was the building date in Downtown Albany. But, he is thrilled with it. He will have a lot of work to do on it. But, hey he is started on the American Dream. Whoops Jessica is calling I need to feed Jack for her.

be back later


JustMeShann said...

I have to say you have the best looking kids, all grown up and awesome adults! Congrats to Justin on his new home or should I say new shop! It took Steve years to get a shop :o) Happy Day Cal!!!

OrangeGlow said...

I really like this pic. Justin is making a weird face though. Check out the cutie in the backgroud!! LOL!!!! We had a good 'ol time at the semi-awkward wedding. Can't wait to see you, Jess, and Jack again!!
Love ya,