Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tuesday, Tuesday Hmm Wish I could stay home.

Yep the baby is bored. Just kidding. He is tired of keeping his mom up all night so I guess since it's almost 8 am he is going to take a snooze.

Well the adventures around here are starting. 3 big people 1 small person and 3 dogs live here and the darn heating element in the Dryer went out. That just isn't going to fly around here. Laundry is a natural enemy around here anyway and then for the dryer to crap out. Ain't gonna be good. First instinct is to Call Putter, "Putter the element went out on the dryer again, could you call your repair man friend". As of last night Putter still hadn't located his friends phone number. The guy works for sears and can repair the kenmore stuff. My washer and dryer are limping on 14 years old. Am hoping to get some more years out of them. We will see what happens. As for today it is raining and I so want to stay home and catch up on things. I had the weekend off but went to work anyway. Doesn't really feel like I had anytime off. oh well that is it for today. Take care all


OrangeGlow said...

Good thing Jack doesn't take up too much space, huh? He's an incredibly sweet little man. I love him. Looks like it's going to storm over here too. Uhg!! See ya soon.

JustMeShann said...

He sure does look board, maybe he should come down and hang out with me in dispatch... :o) My dryer is on it's last leg too... Good Luck! Laundry is just as bad as dishes, there never done... Have a good night,Love Ya All Shann