Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cutting the Fat.

Somethings just shouldn't be cut. You have to pick your cuts. I drink Diet Soda's. When it comes to certain fats,don't cut the fat. Things, it's okay to cut the fat are:
cream cheese
sour cream

Not okay
Carnation creamer (leave the fat) Jess bought me some with no fat I find myself using twice as much. Not good. Leave the fat.
Cheese leave the fat
mayo (only best foods will do)Leave the fat.

enough of that.

Now I have a day off today, got up at 7:00am. I have done dishes, two loads of laundry, scoured out a coffee pot that got left on and burnt up. Burped a baby, folded a load of baby clothes, feed the dogs, took them out to go potty. Listened to a police chase on my scanner. They were chasing a guy up the road, he ended up with 4 flat tires and took out a highway fence. So they were going to call a tow truck and odot to let them know they now need to repair a fence. Would have been a good cops show. " What ya gonna do when they come for you bad boys, bad boys".

So today I need to finish laundry, make jeff dinner, (He is back to night's again) no fun. I was getting used to him being home.

Shann, did you read that Tormville is pregnant again???? Tormville

I have a card meeting tonight and have to make cards for a 7 years old birthday and guy cards 10 of each. Wow Procastination I am an expert at.

Also they changed Garbage pick up at our house so I have to look for a bunch of garbage around the house to fill the garbage can up since they are picking up twice this week. Fun fun.

Well, I may or may not return today. Have a good one.


OrangeGlow said...

I love you, Callie. Busy bee granny. Thanks for letting me stay at your house this weekend. It was good times. Talk to ya soon.


JustMeShann said...

That is funny, I read half of her post and never made it to the end! Guess there wernt enough pictures... :o) I think it is neat though and glad it is her and not me, can you imagine...
How did your card night go?