Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Grandma Gatlin

Oh how I remember her.
* her smell, can't really describe it, but when I smell it, I know it.
* She would put me and my brother in bed with her and we would read richard scarry books.
* She taught us how to read with those books
* She always wrote in her journals. Sometimes she would let us scribble in them with her.
* She loved carnation instant breakfast drink
* She always made us feel loved.
* Grandpa and her would take us on hikes,up in the woods on Guadalupe hill where Steve McQueen filmed a race.
* Grandpa always had a station Wagon, Grandma never drove that I remember. I don't even think I ever saw her ride a bike, when I was little.
* She would take us on hikes down by the railroad tracks by the bay. There were these round stickers down there, the had big spikes on them. they would hurt.
* I remember being outside riding our tricycles around the trailer park, but not out of sight of her.
* Favorite dinner she would make, Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes and peas..
* I also remember her making crab cakes
* She always drank her morning coffee with plenty of milk and sugar,out of a dainty teacup with a saucer.
* her dishes had sweet little pink roses on them
* she use to have some lunch plates that had an indent to place a glass
* I can't remember what we use to eat for lunch stuff. How odd.
* She taught us after the rain by the gutter how to make paper boats and sail them down the stream.
* She always went to the baptist church.
* she carried a white bible. I have that bible. She always underlined passages she was studying.
* she always wore a dress.
* I know there are many more things I remember just can't jiggle them out of me right now. My Wish is that Jack will remember me and little things about me.


JustMeShann said...

You my dearest friend are a blessing to me and I want you to know that... On days that I believe are hard for me, you with just a word or thought bring me up and out to the world I believe in the world of word, thought and love... Thank you my dear friend for today at 10:35 am, you gave me tears and you gave me love, and you reminded me what the world is about... Love Ya, Shann

Jessica's Blog said...

Jack WILL remember things like that about you. I will too. Love you Mom.