Friday, June 16, 2006

Oregon Sunshine

Today, it is doing the Oregon Sunshine which means yep it's raining. I will try to copy Shann's blog for Friday.

6:00am up and atom-- feed dogs, let them out to pee, now I pee... Start Coffee.
6:15am go sit at my computer and see what everyone has to say on the internet.
6:30 am write this blog entry.
7:00 am go listen to the news. From here on down the schedule changed
7:30 am Shower time /// 8:00 still no shower
8:00 am out the door to work.////havent' left
8:15 am off to DelTaco for a Classic Chicken Burritto//// had oatmeal instead at 7:45am hmm what else will change
8:30 am open uhaul shop
9:00am Customer's fly in the building
10:30am open the door to my vinyl shop I have several jobs to complete today while helping uhaul people and answering phones.
12:30pm maybe lunch
1:00pm back for more of the same until 5:00 pm.
Tonight... I am babysitting Jack. Hope he is not Colicky tonight.

if all of the above goes as planned I will have had a pretty damn boring day.

Yall go out and have a good productive day now. Ya Hear.

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JustMeShann said...

Life is busy for us all, wish I could hang out with you on yours... Mine is just a bustle of busy and I am now counsler to half of our office and I find this amusing... Have a good night with Jack, wish I was there too.. :o) Miss Ya Shann