Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I have been following along with this girls blog she has been stuck in beirut and can't get out yet. It's interesting reading. Take a gander.
Beirut Girl Link to a girl that is in Lebanon waiting for the consulate to get her out.

So today I have a day off. I hope to get some things done that were on my list for last week. Crossing my fingers. It's 63 degree's this morning and nice. I can't believe it's a little cool. I only like the heat if I have a pool to throw myself into. Otherwise it sucks. Justin went rafting this weekend. He is sunburned and blistered. dumb guy. There are two smears on his arms where he put sun screen those are completly white. Dumb guy. I don't know about him sometimes. He acts like he is new and just got throwed on the earth. crazy.

So I see my brother has commented on shann's blog wish I would get blessed with a comment. He could at least sign in and say how is it going sis?
Hi Bro how is it going?????????? details please...

Allie has called me the past couple of days. I feel like a lucky aunt when she calls. she is funny.

May or may not post more later. Love to all


Anonymous said...

well well well i have to find out my nefue is not working on trailers any moore i am shure there is a story there but no blogging about that. he will not call me any moore and u stopped blogging so where does that leave me? yea i am wraggimg your ass 6 posts in the last mounth wtf. love jake

Anonymous said...

It’s a strange world we live in. sunscreen issues here, people fighting, and dying, there. If you look at a calendar you’ll see that it’s 2006… if you look out the window it could be 1956 – at least here in the US. For all the advances in technology, for all we know about the world and how things work… not much has changed. Out of sight, out of mind - and if not, my stick is bigger than yours – so there!!

Jumping back a bit… A person was shot in front of your home – in sleepy Albany, now there’s a story. Can’t get away from that kind of cr*p wherever you go. Personally, I say three strikes and you’re dead. I don’t want my tax dollars being spent on housing, feeding and medicating the worst we have to offer. There are too many more noble causes where we could get a better return on “our” money.

Finally, looking ahead, I think it’s time the US stepped away from being the worldwide police force. Let the United States of Europe (i.e. the European Union) take that job on for the next century. We have enough stuff to deal with at home – plus it would be nice to travel outside the US and not be universally despised.

And… on a last note – if this weather is not a sign that something is going on with our climate – global warming, global climate change, whatever you do or don’t want to call it – I don’t know what more evidence could be produced. I guess for those that must drive their Hummers on the highway we’ll just have to wait until the homes in Blodgett are beachfront.

Well, that was fun!!

JustMeShann said...

Now for my two cents worth... Nice to see you posting, one of the few things I look forward too in my day... So please keep it up, someone has to keep me updated on the news of the world since I dont watch tv or have the time of day to read a paper... So keep up the blogging please... That is all from me, miss ya and toodles for now, Holy Moley...Shann

Anonymous said...


Ok you kids no fighting

Love Ya
Az Mom