Wednesday, July 26, 2006

~and again I say~

Well, I have come to the realization that I will never get everything done. Period.... End of story.

My 2nd day off in a row went like this. Up at 5:30am and made me a cup of the Java. Then messed around on the internet. Left at 7:00 am up to Salem for blood test. Then the rest of the day went downhill from there. Thus, my statement.

Found another blog from the Northern Israel side. It's weird when you watch live things on the Fox news channel and about then is when someone over there is posting on their live journal about hearing a bomb drop or something to that effect.
Heard they bombed a tanker and now the lebanon coast is a giant oil slick with marine life being killed. They are calling on Kuwait to come help them clean it up. Sounds terrible. The fish and birds didn't do anything to anyone, but they get to suffer.

Jack has been cranky most of the day. Sleep for 15 min, then eat a couple ounces falls back asleep. This schedule he is picking today is wearing me out. If I let him cry then he gets irritated tear ducts. So goes the day. His mom just came home.
Neato. Now I can do some more chores. What fun that will be. Until later Chow


OrangeGlow said...

Ahhh, Callie. Switch it up a little. Try some CNN!! LOL
Love ya & Miss ya,

JustMeShann said...

I feel for ya... I am in the same boat my friend... I think I am going to stay home and not go to Colorado with Steve; I need some down time for myself... So I totally understand...

I dont know how you can keep up with all that news, it freaks me out... I feel for all those people stuck in the middle of those Fing IDIOTs throwing bombs at each other... To much crazyness in this world for me... I can barely deal with my little piece of the world and all the crazy people in it... Well, that is all from me tonight... I am just rambling on...

We need more pictures of Jack; Im having withdrawls...

Love ya all, Shann