Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Catch up post

* Had a super Vacation in Las Vegas with Aunt Pat, Uncle Bob, Granny Long, Aunt Jayne, Jessica and Baby Jack.
* Had a great time at my Dad and Mom's in Kingman Arizona. Got to see my step brother Ryan and Stacy and dad's new addition to his family. A desert turtle named Toot Toot. Pictures to come soon.
* I had a day off today. Monday day off. It's been a long day. wow started it at 7:00 am. Funny it seems like it has been a couple of days in one.
* Finally got to talk to Shannon yesterday on the phone. That was good. Poor girl is working the stress factor.
* The weather is warm here in Oregon but not as hot as some places in the united states. Wow can't believe the temps they are saying on the TV.
*Don't really have a whole lot to say. I have been working on a pic video of my vacation hope to send it to you all soon. What fun. Hopefully I will get to work on it tomorrow.

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