Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Good Morning Tuesday

This is Toot Toot.

Well Little Jack has ended with his Growth Spurt. Man we couldn't keep up with his feedings. Now he is of the opinion bottles are no big deal. So I offically am calling off the growth spurt. Little dude is full of smiles lately. Happy days for Jack. Today still more house cleaning, laundry and making cards for our next card meeting. They say the weather will be in the triple digits this weekend.
I have to go out and buy a new sprinkler for the lawn today. It's thirsty.
Aunt Pat with jack and Lil jayne with here version of Jerry Garcia on.


OrangeGlow said...

I want a Turtle!!! I love Jack, he was smiling at me this weekend and my whole body smiled back at him. He's getting HUGE, I can't believe it! Remember to water the lawn at the coolest times of the day to avoid buring the grass (earlier morning and/or evening is best). See ya this weekend. Love Ya!

JustMeShann said...

Thanks for sharing :o)