Monday, July 31, 2006


I am sitting here thinking about what to post about. So I will just begin with Yak Yack Yak Yak.

I have been talking (emailing back and forth) several different people from Lebanon and Israel. Very interesting reading. Manimania girl is getting out of the country (lebanon) finally on Thursday, by her own means may I add. This is the girl that illustrates childrens books. Awesome work she does.
I went and signed up for a Live Journal account (Free) it allows me to talk to them easier. There are several of them that are interpurting peoples blogs into English. Because of course I cannot understand a lick of the lebanese,Israel writings. So I and many other people appreciate their work.

Jack ate a 1/2 cup of rice cereal last night and about an hour later screamed bloody murder. Guess his system still isn't ready. He sure ate it good though.

Justin is debating on if he should go back to his Uncle Jake's in Illinois. He wants to go to electrician school and work at Procter and Gamble in the evenings. He can't decide. I told him to go for it. I said, if you stay you will be doing the same thing you are doing now in two years. Or you could go to school and possibly have way better things happen to you later and Grow up some. I didn't say the grow up part to him. (That is the mom part of me coming out). Anyway, I did ask him "What's the worst thing that could happen?" He said I don't know. I said, "That you come back". So what does he have to lose. I will really miss him of course. But, it's time that his wings sprouted.

Oh in case anyone was wondering his house deal didn't go through. The loan company started jerking him around and also his new step mother the realtor. So he bagged it on the house and he will look for something better. It just wasn't the right time for him yet.

Jessica is looking for work right now. She wants to get off this aid stuff she is on. Glad to hear that. So my mom and I will be chief caretakers of little Jack Pepper. Poor Kid!!!

WEll I need to get to work CRAP!! Have a good day all

Notice: this entry has not beens canned for misspellings, or runonsentences or typos or nothin' So tuff luck


OrangeGlow said...

yep, yep, yep. All sounds good. Justin should really get out of Albany, if anything for the experience. It's a tough decision to move from what you've always known your whole life but, like you said, what's the worse that can happen?

JustMeShann said...

Ditto on that :) Wish I could sprout arms or wings on Cody, no such luck...

You will enjoy Jack and he will keep you young and limber... Hee Hee It will be good for him and you, he's lucky! I know from experience how granny's affect the lives of the little ones...

Did I tell you lately how much I MISS you and our talks... I do :o)

Anonymous said...

bring on jr justin shit stick cant wait for him to show we will find him work and get him in school he will get here just in time for fall classes on his trip out he will make life long memories and have great opertunities and tell big storis he should be stoked later jake