Friday, July 28, 2006


It's a cool 56 degrees right now. Love it, Love it. I don't mind the hot weather but I must insist on having water nearby that I can jump into. I love swimming. I am ready to go back to Vegas. Hanging at my Aunts and jumping in the pool is my idea of relaxing. Ahhh!!! peace and quite.

Jessica has been making her brother lunch every single day now of course he is bitching at her saying she made him gain 10 pounds. She said fine go back to starving then. So now I don't know what is going to happen. Could it perhaps be that he is out in the field and theyd rive around in a pickup all day and fix things here and there. His job is not a physical as the house building he was doing was.

Dear Brother Jake and his kids were suspose to come out but, due to money restrictions that has been postponed. So now what, besides working what will I do the rest of the summer. hmm... I think I will call my friend Teresa and see if we can start using her scrapbook room. The both of us are far behind on our family stories. But, oh first I would have to get a little organized and get me stuff together.

Today is suspose to be insane at the Uhaul. Hangon I am thinking it's gonna be as Shann says. "An E-Ticket Ride". Woo-Hoo. Well, I am needing to get in the shower and get my butt off to work. What fun. Love to all, have a good day.

I don't have time to edit lately so please disregard all typos run on sentences, Crazy wording etc.
Sometimes I am just lucky to get a few seconds to jot something on here.


JustMeShann said...

So, how was the E'Ticket ride???
I am working in the morning, call me tomorrow night or I will try to call you... Talk to you soon, Shann

Anonymous said...

yea money shit sucks. its a good thing sex is free getting plenty of that the new chicka likes it whooya me too. i must make time to go by some go to hell ratcions and rat hole for armagedeion. i will head for lesterville mo in case the shit hits the fan real bad can bunker in there for a few mounths without too much trouble. need to get my reaction plan together and ready to go. uncle wess alays goes prepared and we should do the same love jake.

JustMeShann said...

Men.... They make me laugh, that there SEX will heal anything; even an eye...LoL And the more the better... We tried to have it one year at least once a day and it was hard as hell...LoL It was the year the man got his vasectomy... "Free Sex!" ya know...LoL

I am going to go hunker down in my dads garage, there is enough gee dunks to live a while and enough Pinapple juice to not get Scurvey... LoL

Me myself, when shit hits the fan I just want to watch the fireworks! and have a duck shoot!

Love ya all,Shann :o)