Wednesday, July 19, 2006

it's July 19th 2006

Today I got up at 6:30 to a voice saying "Mom, Mom I need your help". "Please feed Jack for me". Wonderful, I love feeding him in the morning he is such a love bug.

Jessica has been making breakfast and lunch for her brother everyday. He is working for a Farm implement company building tractors, bailers, swathers and on and on it goes. Today he is now moving to the field. So he will be working in the fields repairing broken equipment. So his sweet sister is making sure he has food. I sure hope he thanks her for doing this for him.

Yesterday, I goofed around on my day off. Getting nothing that I had planned done. Tonight is card night and I still haven't made my cards. Hmm, what will I do?

I will be working Uhaul today so I will need to get there in about 90 minutes. I still have to get in the shower, gather my card supplies, and get things done..

Been watching the news to much lately. The crazy nut in Iran is wanting World War 111 to begin. So I was thinking, just in case , Since I am to late to build a bomb shelter. I should probably gather a emergency supply kit. They say 3 days, well as fast as things move I better plan for a good solid month. Better plan for Putter, Me, Jessica, Justin and Jack. Hmm, wouldn't hurt since we are suspose to have a earth quake someday anyway. I will have my mom plan for her and dad and putter parents plan for themselves.

Not, to act like a nutt or anything but if any of you have good ideas for foods that don't need electricity please let me know. Uncle Wes, Dad, any one else. Send me ideas. I am pretty sure that guys that go out in the woods for two weeks hunting, Know all about this.

So those are my thoughts on this day. You all have a good one.


JustMeShann said...

You my friend make me smile! Are you sure a month is good enough?? Have fun with card gals tonight. :o) Love Ya, Shann

Jessica's Blog said...

Mom! Your crazy! I Love you!

Brandi said...

Hey Cal,

Besides peanut dad a.k.a. W---> always had cans of dog food in the survival rations in the Jeep. When I was a kid I always assumed it was for the dog, since we always had one or two with us on trips. Later when we were teens one of my friends asked my dad about it and he said "heck with the dog we'd eat him too" so I guess the dog food was for those of us who wouldn't want to eat the ever present sardines! LOL
:) love ya, Brandi