Friday, August 04, 2006

Freaky Friday

It's a Freakin 51 degrees out this morning. Yeah Baby!!! Cool but they say it will creep up to the upper 80's today.

Mana from Lebanon still hasn't made it out of Beirut. She said today the IDF dropped leaflets saying they were going to bomb her area now. All roads to the north are impassable. She is still somehow managing to keep doing her drawings. But, she said her last drawing of a happy girl dancing was starting to make her sick. So, I guess if we don't here from her, it will be because she has no power or internet or that she has been blown to smitherings. JUST ALL MAKES ME SICK. I wonder to myself if the two military guys that were captured are even alive or have they been killed by an israel bomb yet, or have the hamas killed them. Hard to say. This is all STUPID. BARBARIC, Ridiculous. It's like they are all playing a video game and my stick is bigger than your stick..

It's a uhaul day today of course. Idiot's will come thru the door and say they didn't know. When you tell them what to do. Then they sign a piece of paper that states what they are suspose to do and they still don't do. They don't put gas back in the truck... They don't sweep it out.... They don't return it on time. Stupid People. Sometimes I hate STUPID people.

I somehow thought I was in a good mood when I woke up. But, after rereading what I have pounded on this keyboard. It seems I am pissed off. Yep, that's the virtic. So I must move myself away from this computer and go find a better attitude.

Chow Dude's


OrangeGlow said...

In the words of my father, "Ignorance is contagious," and uhaul seems to attract the stupids! Can't wait to come see you all today! I love the new slideshow.

JustMeShann said...

I have a SMILE on today;an F"ing smile... LoL I think they should pad my walls at this point... I asigned busses today and I only have 5 spec ed busses for spares.. Yeeee Heeee what a year we are going to have! I love my job! Okay that is the first time in a long time that I have said that; mark it on the wall!

I too hate stupid people and get to deal with them to much also, but think you get the win hands down on that one...

Hope you have a better day... Smile girl! Be crazy like me! It freaks them out when you can smile and talk calmly; I am sure they think I have lost it at this point! So smile and freak em all out! Love ya Shann

Anonymous said...

yea freak them out love jake

OrangeGlow said...

What's going on in Callie's World??? Bolg on!