Thursday, August 10, 2006

Yep I am still here

Justin's truck before his new tires and stuff on board.
Been way to busy, just disgusting, I am TIRED!!! Justin is still leaving he is just trying to get all his Chickens in a row. Lot's to do before he departs. He has new shoes for his truck and new brakes and new tires on his trailer and a whole bunch of spares. Interesting. He has all his crap pilled up on everything. But, he is going East. Looks more like the Oakies did when they came west. Pic soon. I am waiting until he is ready to take off.

Jessica and Jack at the lake.


OrangeGlow said...

yay, you're stil alive!!! I was missing your ramblings.. See ya tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I love this Kid. Driven, Driven Drive with a plan!!!!!!!