Thursday, October 05, 2006

And the beat goes on

So today I arrived a few minutes late to work. The repair guy was here he had allready repaired 3 rigs this morning. Two trucks had been dropped off the night before. Filthy they are. I don't feel like cleaning them yet so I drove them out back to the north 40 and dropped them off. Outta-sight Outta-mind. Yeah whatever. Then a lady comes in complaining that the truck was a death trap and that the brake pedal goes all the way to the floor before stopping and when you put the brakes on the whole truck shakes like crazy. Well, listened to her song and dance. She had her two year old with her and had to walk back home about 2 miles. Hmm she was a bit wacky. Anywho I got in the truck and test drove it down our airport runway. Got my speed really up there and slammed on the brakes. hmm. no problem. good thing I had my seat belt on. then I tried driving and braking slowly. hmm no problem. tried to do a broady in the truck but that just aint' happening in a uhaul. Darn I tried.

Next up a dude walks in and wants a trailer to go to Idaho. Okay $180.00 bucks and no debit or credit card. Hmm I will need a 60.00 deposit then. Hmm He came up with it. Then his phone rang and he told his friend he would meet him at the bar in a little bit. Oh Yeah Meeting for Coffee at the Bar. Okay whatever Now I know why he had a clowns red nose it's from all the coffee at the bar. Anyway he is on his way with the uahul trailer going to the bar to "get coffee".

Have had several phone calls for reservations so far it's looking like a nothign weekend. We have a ton and a half of trucks and no reservations.

Jack went this morning and got his shots. Poor little boy. It hurt's.

That is it for the moment. bye


w-----> said...

Get Jack to BLOG.he dosent haft to right just put Pics his kids& Jeeping.

JustMeShann said...

We have been trying to get Jake to blog for a year now... I even told him I would put his pictures on... He's to busy for us lately, we don't even get his comments anymore... I too am having Jake withdrawls and it is just as bad as Jack withdrawls... LoL