Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I am at work and it is boring as hay. Terrible. The little birds are all screaming. So either a nuclear bomb is coming or a hawk just ate one of there friends or maybe they are playing air hockey or maybe they are a bunch of talking chicken hawks. I don't know. Wow silence this very minute. Weird. They must have chatted very loud for at least the last 10 minutes. They were flying all around erratic and then they all got together and flew off. OH wait a car just drove up I wonder if it was the car. gotta go damn uhaul customers.


JustMeShann said...

Has Hell Froze Over??? No... Stop... It's 24 out of 161 driver absent in the morning... Puzzle begins at 5 am!!! E'ticket or Bust!

OrangeGlow said...

Callie, Where's the video of jess and I getting our noses done. I want to post it!!!! PLEASSSSSE