Monday, October 02, 2006

And the Birthday story went like this.

3:00 am Woke up to pea, putter was home from work and he said Happy Birthday, Birthday girl. Back to bed I hopped.

Wake up Justin called to wish me a happy birthday and I am suspose to go to Best Buy to pick up speakers for my car that some how got blown out. Then off to work I went. ON the way to work I went to the drive thru at Dutch Bros Coffee. Got myself a big white chocolate Mocha. Got to work and was carrying a bunch of stuff and getting my keys ready to open the door. Guess What I slopped a big bunch of Mocha right on my boob. Huge spill it was. So when mom and dad came into work they said happy birthday and they let me go home to change my boob problem. Went home and Jess said here is your birthday present mom, a nice leather wallet. Oh Cool been wanting one for a long time. The last one I had was 23 years old. Purchased it at Mervyn's in 1983. This new one came from Mervyn's also. Wow ain't that weird.

Then race back to work. What a crazy day at U-haul it was. We got out of there and mom was going to take me to lunch. Went to mom's to get ready to go and also pick up a uhaul van in Corvallis. Oh yeah mom and dad got me a bobble head moose from Alaska( it is cool) and a $50.00 gift certificate to Scrap Yard. Jess called and she was trying to paint the outside of her building and Jack was screaming so we went and got him. So we went to lunch at a crappy mexican place in Corvallis. Yucky wasn't near as good as A&W Rootbeer Mexican. So then we went to get the uhaul van and the dude at corvallis uhaul said we couldn't have it. Wow. that's great Okay then back home we went. Called jessica and said "come get Jack putter is taken me out." So off to Costco we went I got season two of grey's anatomy for my bday. Putter hadn't eaten all day so he had two Costco dogs. (puke!!!) I had a diet soda. Then we went to his parent's and hung out and then came home. I went to bed. Tired I was. So fast forwarding to Monday.

Phone rings at 6:30 am. Uhaul trucks are double parked in the drive way I nned to go move them so the trucking company can get to work. So I through myself in the car and go to back out the driveway with Jess, jack and dory in the car. Backing up..... Smack! I hit the toyota truck that jess has It was parked behind me and I didn't see it. so I get out of the car inspect the stupid damage bent hood, busted light housing, light, lens, junked out right fender and bent the bumper on the toyota. My honda yellow paint on spare tire wheel. I am sure after more lookin' there will probably be internal damage to my honda's rear. So off I drove over the lawn. thought to myself that mess will be there when I get back. I hit and runned a parked car in my stupid driveway. So went and moved the truck. That had it's own issues. I won't further torture you with the details of that. So 44 birthday came and went and tomorrow will be another day.

It's suspose to rain tomorrow yeah yeah yeah. I am tired of the sun. So it can rain about 2 days and then I want the sun back. Today mostly is my day off and I am watching Jack and been getting dishes and laundry done. So that's my story. Bye now.


OrangeGlow said...

That's crazy what happened with the toyota. Silly Girls!

JustMeShann said...

You made my day!!! LOL and now I feel better that someone else in this crazy ass world lives a life like mine!!!!! Happy day to ya, Love Shann

Anonymous said...

Another day, another dollar! Sounds like its time for a new car or a tattoo. Option #1, the choice is clear - Option #2 – the preferred choice in my humble opinion - you either head to South Beach or Vegas and get a tattoo from one of ‘the’ shops – can you say Inked or Miami Ink? Something to memorialize year 44! Perhaps a visit to is in inspirational order... some pretty famous names have held that car number over the years 