Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Card night was fun

Card Night was fun. We went to Haley's. She is the most gracious host next to my mom of course. She always makes you feel welcome. Her house is so cute and filled with the most precious little things. Pink!!! I love going to her house. She is such an artist she makes wonderful projects. She is such a real person. That's what I love about Haley. She made wonderful little macaroons last night with Cappacino chocolate chips in them. Shann you would have loved them. And then there was a chocolate chip cookie with cranberries in them. All Good. It was all homemade. She also had hot cider. It was wonderful. We get to go back on Wednesday for a Stampin up party. Fun Fun FUN!!!

Jake said it's starting to get really cold back east. Justin I sure hope you have some warm clothes you crazy kid.

well of course I will check back in with you all later. It's froggy outside today so far. Suspose to rain but we will see.
Oh and pumpkin patch time is now planned for Thursday Afternoon. Can't wait. Hope there are still some pumpkins left.

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OrangeGlow said...

Sounds like you're staying busy even without Jess there. I miss you and can't wait to see you!