Sunday, October 22, 2006

Things I am wondering about

Things I wonder.

Upon reading shann's blog....
When the guys killed their elks however many days ago.
Why does the meat not rot? What do they do to prepare the meat? Do they put cureing salt on it? Why does it hang in the garage? Shann says it takes her 4 days to cut the meat. Where is the meat while she is preparing it? Hanging meat seems to always have big fat slow flying flies around it. Why don't we get sick? I would like to have answers to these questions. I am just curious.

On to other things. Thru an old stinky man out of U-haul again today. He was a serious nasty angry old man. He treated his friend like a dirty dog. It was a necessary thru the old bas#@*d out moment. I am not kidding. I would go into detail but, I am still reiling from the episode.

Watched my favorite kid today. He is so sweet.

So that is my day for the moment. Gonna make carnita's for dinner. Yummyyyyyyy


JustMeShann said...

The meat doesnt rot because it is frozen or damn close to it and thats why there are no flys and no salt... It was 19'at night... The elk they killed took two days of dragging it by rope down a steep ass mountain, if you saw the video you wouldnt believe it! Major WORK! I couldnt do it, it was major physical, amazing, two days! Steve quartered his elk and brought it home to be butchered by his wife who for some reason loves doing it... Today I have ground elk burger, made jerky marinade and cut up the backstrap... The meat is in the fridge in grandmas house and the ribs are in the freezer... So that is what I will be doing for the next couple of days and it is sooooooo goood, love the meat I do...

Anonymous said...

u get my message bitch love jake