Monday, October 23, 2006

Can not sleep

yep it is 3:19 am in the Pacific Northwest. One of the damn dogs threw up on my nightie. So now I am pissed... Adrenaline flowing, so what do I do? of course Jump on the internet to calm down. hmm

So I was thinking I need to get a pumpkin patch day with Jack. Jess and mom both work today. I am thinking of grabbing grandma Sharon and sneaking off to the pumpking patch with Jack. Sounds good to me. Hope it happens.

Today I will have the little dude. I need to get laundry, dishes, dusting and vacumming done today. My hand is aching. Didn't get any good healing time with having to tote Jack around. Damn it hurts. Feels like a piece of wood gonna split right down the middle of my arm. Damn damn.

1 comment:

JustMeShann said...

You and I were both awake, should have given you a call.. I hate the anxiety for going back to work... Have a great day!